Collaboration with NGOs

At SMI we are committed to creating sustainable communities

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At SMI we are committed to creating sustainable communities in the medium and long term, as this will facilitate the reduction of the environmental impact of our operations and generate a positive effect on the environment.


For this reason, we have developed a long-term strategic alliance with Recicla,Pe! and Recicla,Pues!, NGOs in Peru and Colombia focused on raising awareness about recycling and the creation of formal collection networks. Our combined efforts have significantly increased community awareness of the importance of recycling and the creation of a circular economy.

In recent years, Recicla,Pe! and Recicla,Pues! have designed several projects that include recycling contests on the beaches of Lima and in the country's schools, in addition to constant management of recycling stations and the formalization of recyclers. The sum of these efforts has allowed us to establish solid supply chains in Peru and Colombia.

500 Tons of plastic collected
270 Collection points
30 Districts
1500 Recyclers benefited

Recicla,pe! and Recicla,Pues! have managed to benefit a network of more than 1,500 waste recyclers, by partnering with local municipalities and government agencies to facilitate their formalization process, as well as providing logistical support and training. Along the same lines, SMI frequently trains multiple recycling associations’ members on the types of waste that are recyclable and related issues.