At SMI we firmly believe in sustainable business models with social impact.

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At SMI we firmly believe in sustainable business models with social impact. Through our 4 sustainability pillars, we will drive the transformation of our packaging business into a circular and socially responsible solution.

Our four pillars

Circular economy

We promote a circular economy through the production and use of recycled PET resin.

We are the only bottle-to-bottle integrated player in the Andean Region.

Our commitment is to increase the rPET content per bottle and actively get involved in the recycling chain of post-consumer waste to mitigate environmental contamination.

Sustainable innovation

Our bottle-to-bottle recycling process differentiate us as we constantly develop innovative solutions for our customers.

In addition, we have the technology to lighten our customers' products and offer customized solutions.

Sustainable communities

At SMI we believe in our people. More than 136 thousand families have been positively impacted by the policy of formalization and creation of recycling jobs in Peru and Colombia.

In recent years we have developed alliances with NGOs and consumer companies that also support the development of more sustainable communities.

We are committed to the personal and professional development of our workers, as well as maintaining the highest safety standards in our operations.

Corporate governance

Our commitment to sustainability occurs at all levels, from the board of directors, where compliance with sustainability goals is approved and monitored.

We have sustainability and recycling committees, and supervision and governance policies aligned with the best international standards.

El 96.6% of plastic we use is recyclable

In 2020, we diverted 21k tons of waste from landfills

State-of-the-art recycling plants with 27k tons of capacity

Recycled PET consumes 82% less energy than aluminum and glass.


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Collaboration with NGOs

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Circular economy

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