From carbonated soft drinks to fruits, we serve a wide range of markets with solutions in packaging and raw materials.

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Carbonated Soft Drinks

We provide the largest bottling companies in the region with solutions for PET bottles. We also offer in-house solutions to our clients.


We work together with our strategic partners to achieve bottle light-weighting and the use of recycled resin in our bottles, maintaining the highest industry standards.


Using our innovation capabilities, we develop containers with unique designs in the industry that meet the requirements of our clients.

Sauces, Vinegars and Condiments

Together with our strategic partners, we work to migrate flexible packaging to rigid packaging in order to meet the new trends.


We provide solutions in PET and HDPE, always seeking to meet all the consumers’ requirements.


We provide solutions in PET and HDPE to the largest producers in the region, constantly innovating according to the requirements of our strategic partners.

Home Care

We have containers with unique and innovative designs that continually raise the industry’s quality standards.


We serve major clients in the industry offering packaging solutions that ensure product versatility, fully adapting to user requirements.


We develop products that meet the needs of our clients who increasingly demand migrating to different polymers.

Personal Care

We offer versatile products with different designs that meet and exceed rigorous industry standards.


Due to our high-end technology, we can ensure that our containers provide complete safety of the end product to the consumers.


Through our technology and innovation capabilities we meet all the requirements of our clients and the needs of consumer.


Our high-end thermoforming technology allows us to meet market demands by offering containers in various formats.


We have clamshells and punnets that meet the rigorous international standards set by the food industry.


Our flakes that are produced in the sheet extrusion plant and our film sheets that are produced in the laminate co-extrusion plant have the highest quality in the industry.

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